positive culture

Improving Social Media Culture

One of the problems with social media companies is their promotion of a negative culture. Users pretend that they are better looking than they are, happier than they are, richer than they are, and smarter than they are. This can make the average person feel less than they are. Loudey hopes to enhance the positives of everyone, without making others feel bad about themselves.

We believe that a person’s values come mostly from the way they interact with others and the language they use. The beauty of using audio broadcasts to socialize online is that it crystalizes the essence of a person’s thoughts and transmits them to others without the unnecessary data about how they look. It allows their emotions and their passions to shine through their words.

Audio can be a double-edged sword. While the words people say can be vastly more powerful in a positive way than reading something typed, the words can also be potentially more harmful. For this reason, Loudey will promote a culture of positive interactions. Sometimes this will clash with our desires for free-speech, but if that speech harms others, there is no room for it on the Loudey app.

We have added ways to flag casts for being harmful, or for bullying. Users can hold the cast down with a long press and an option will pop up to flag the cast. Over time, we will fine-tune the mechanism by which we remove unhealthy casts and harmful users from the app. We value promoting positivity that encourages people to interact in healthy ways that allow people to bond and feel good about themselves.

We encourage everyone to try Loudey. If you get a sense of the presence of algorithms that promote anger and hate on other social media apps and sites, try out Loudey. We promise it will be a refreshing change and it will only get better with time.