Coming Soon

Loudey Coming Soon

Loudey is coming soon to an app store near you. Before we release the first version of Loudey, we would like to let everyone know that Loudey will be missing some features so that we can get the app out earlier. These features will be released with updates throughout 2022 and will be announced with each new version.

Later versions will also have improvements in the features already present on the app. For example, the Loudey Home Feed will be improved with time to show you the best broadcasts from the people you are listening to. Replying to casts and seeing replies to your own casts will become easier. Also, we will always be working on ways to improve the Trending Feed, so you see the “loudest” (ie, most upvoted) broadcasts and trending topics.

We expect the first version of Loudey to be a great experience for the users and it will only be the beginning. Stay tuned for the release of the most exciting audio social media app. We expect it to be ready by the end of the year.