Welcome to Loudey

Loudey is a new social media app that is in development and uses audio as the main source of sharing.

Why Audio?

When people write on social media apps, it does not seem to be as personable as when you can listen to their real voices. It’s hard to pick up on sarcasm, which can be confusing. A person’s passions come off as dull in writing. By listening to the emotion in their voice, you will have another layer of understanding to that user’s message.

Big celebrities and influencers often have social media managers that write for them and you never know who actually wrote their post. With Loudey, you will be able to listen to your friends, family, organizations, and celebrities directly. No one will be able to fake a post by having someone speak for them.

Another reason to use audio for social media is that you can listen to audio broadcasts without having to look at your screen. The app will play through your home feed automatically, like a radiostation that has your friends and family as the hosts of the show.

Development Progress

We are currently in the first stages of development. Our plan is to make the app as simple as possible and get users to try it out and give us feedback before we implement new features. The first version of the app will be completed by the end of this year. We will need users that are willing to give us information about any bugs they may find and let us know about their experience. We are not sure yet how the app will be used and in what ways it will be helpful. We just know that it is very different from other social media networks that exist today and we hope that some people will love using it.

We will provide more updates on this blog as we progress and we hope that you come back to see more.